• Persistent, Resilient, Inspire, Mentor, Educate

    Mission Statement:  Our mission is to inspire students to have a positive attitude towards school, life and to help them reach their potential. PRIME is committed to helping students create positive habits and better behavior. Students will be exposed to career opportunities while breaking down barriers and building relationships. Students are being shaped into good citizens, effective communicators and Life-Long Learners. We are building bridges for the future.

    Purpose of PRIME: PRIME is an in-Lieu of Out-of-School Suspension for middle and high students.

    • It will be staffed with one certified teacher and one para for each level.
    • By successfully completing PRIME, a student will not have an OSS on their record. PRIME enhances student’s success and gives them exposure to career opportunities.
    • PRIME is used for Level 1 and Level 2 infractions. It will not be used for students recommended for expulsion. Each school is required to use and document interventions beyond OFI and contact parents to help redirect disruptive behavior.
    • Students can be assigned to PRIME twice during the school year. On the first visit Administration can assign 3-5 days and on the second visit up to 10 days.
    • On the second visit students have an opportunity to reduce their days . For every day served one is removed. This is negotiated prior to attending PRIME.

Message from the Facilitator:

  • My mission as an administrator is to help students maximize their potential, identify their strengths, improve their weakness and achieve their goals. I am an Administrator not only to lead but to learn as well. I value the mind and ideas of students and staff, I look forward to my time with them. I strive each day to treat every student with respect in ALL situations . I believe that every student can learn and I can learn from every student. I BELIEVE I CAN MAKE A DIFFERNCE.

  • LOCATION: It is now located at Heritage Trail -
    283 Trojan Trail, Tallahassee FL 32311

    Hours are from 8am – 3pm.

    Reminder: PRIME is no longer housed at Lively Vocational & Technical College.


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Last Modified on January 14, 2021