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Modes of Instruction

  • All students have selected a preferred learning option: In-Person Instruction or Online/Virtual Learning. At school instruction will follow this same format and schedule as possible. Leon County Schools reserves the right to begin all 2020-21 instruction in a virtual learning environment pending local health conditions in accordance with guiding agencies and entities.


  • Requires students and teacher to be present at the same time online


    • Live interactive classes with students and teachers participating in real time
    • Teacher supported work time on video conference calls
    • Scheduled and online assessments


  • Does NOT require students and teacher to be present online at the same time


    • Self-paced online course with intermittent teacher instruction
    • Pre-assigned work with formative assessment on paper or in learning management system such as Canvas
    • Pre-recorded videos of instruction
    • Practice and assessment in educational software programs
  • *Synchronous instruction could occur as in class instruction or small group instruction online.

    **Some online learners could be assigned to the classroom. Teachers could have students distributed within in person or in digital period(s).

Modes of instruction
Last Modified on August 30, 2020