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Physical Environment

Cleaning and Hygiene

Teachers and Classrooms

    • Each campus will designate a COVID Campus Contact who will work closely with school and district staff to ensure safety precautions are in place.
      • Staff will have hand sanitizer for student use and/or hand washing will be strongly throughout the day. Hand washing protocol will be strictly encouraged between classes
      • Developing a disinfecting protocol for drinking fountains, along with other frequently touched surfaces.
      • Designating isolation rooms and isolation protocols for symptomatic students or staff
      • Training all district and school-based staff in the participation of sanitation and cleaning of high touch surfaces and other areas
      • Installing plexi-glass shields where needed
      • Upgrading HVAC filter replacement protocol
      • Using appropriately identified disinfectant to continuously clean high touch areas
      • Creating and implementing a “Strike” team to deep clean to eradicate the spread in known contamination areas
      • Providing teachers with supplies to clean student desks and materials throughout the day, periodically.


Campus Personnel

Last Modified on August 30, 2020