• Juvenile Justice Transition Services

    The mission of the Juvenile Justice Transition Services Office is to provide a seamless educational transition for students as they enter and return from juvenile justice programs and other commitment facilities.  The school district works collaboratively with the local juvenile probation office, state DJJ personnel, and DJJ programs across the state to share educational information, in accordance with FERPA, for use in the development of recommendations for placement in DJJ programs and reentry plans for students as they return to the school district from programs.

    Leon County Schools does not make recommendations for school placements for returning students until final grade history and state assessment information is received from DJJ programs.  An advising committee promptly reviews the information received and based on individual student needs, this committee recommends placement.  Parents are contacted by the transition services office to discuss the recommendations and next steps.  Parents are encouraged to contact this office whenever questions arise regarding their children.

Last Modified on August 15, 2017