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  • Dear Home Education Families, 

    Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Leon County Schools will be giving automatic extensions of 30 days to all evaluations that are due in April and May.  If you need additional time, please email homeed@leonschools.net and request an additional extension.

    Most Sincerely,

    LCS Home School Compliance Office

Home Education Announcements

  • What is Home Education?

    As defined in Florida Statute 1002.01,  a home education program is the “sequentially progressive instruction of a student directed by his/her parent or guardian in order to satisfy the requirement for compulsory education as defined in Florida Statue 1002.41, 1003.01(13), and 1003.21(1).”   Home Education gives parents the authority to determine their children’s educational paths.  Students may learn and explore at their own pace-- in any location and at any time of the day.   There is no prescribed curriculum and there are no “attendance” requirements.

    What are the legal requirements for home educators?

    How do home educators register their programs?

    How do home educators evaluate their programs?

    • Portfolio and five evaluation options as described in Florida Statute 1002.41(1)(b); (1)(c); and (2).

    How do home educators terminate their home education programs?

    What is the procedure for returning to a traditional school from home school?

    Does the school district maintain a list of certified evaluators?

    • No, district cannot or will not maintain a list of certified evaluators due to liability.  

Things To Consider Prior to Home Educating

    • Have you identified curriculum materials for your child, and how much they will cost?
    • Is there a suitable place for your child's study and instruction?
    • Will you, your spouse, or another homeschooling parent have adequate free time to teach your child?
    • Do other families in your area homeschool their children?
    • Is there a support group of home educators near you?
    • Have you checked your local library, parks department, scouting organizations, public and private schools, and similar resources for outside instructional support?
    • Have you searched the internet for resources on instruction, legal issues, support groups, and other matters?
    • Have you identified other resources you will need?


  • Maegen Carey

    PHONE NUMBER - 850-561-8375

    FAX NUMBER - 850-561-8363

    725 S. Calhoun Street

    Tallahassee, FL  32301

    Evaluations can be emailed or faxed.

    Forms to be signed/verified can be emailed or faxed. 

    Email: HomeEd@leonschools.net




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