Current Safety and Security Measures

  • The Leon County School District continues to refine its security measures and to be vigilant about the safety of students and staff. Considerable time and effort go into practicing safety and security. Below are examples of the kinds of measures incorporated into the comprehensive school safety strategy:

    • Coordination Planning
      • Coordination and emergency planning with LCSO/TPD police, fire, and safety officials
      • Coordination with Leon County Health Department
    • Campus Safety
      • Comprehensive safety plans for each school are updated annually--plans include evacuation, shelter-in-place, and parent communication.
      • On-going employee training
      • Staff members designated to assist special needs students in an emergency/crisis
      • Employee/visitor identification badges
      • Designated parking for students, staff, visitors
      • Reduced number of school doors accessible from the outside
      • Emergency kits in every school are ready for first responders in an emergency.
      • Appropriate identification is required of adults signing out students
      • Bus loading/drop-off areas are monitored by staff.
    • Crisis Management
      • Crisis plans are updated regularly to reflect the current climate and the level of risk.
      • Crisis management teams in all schools
      • Crisis intervention teams in all schools
      • Status checks of emergency communication devices
    • Safety Inspections
      • Regular maintenance and testing of security alarm systems
      • Regular inspection of elevators
      • Central control of air intake in all schools
    • Safety Training and Response
      • Staff trained on mail handling safety
      • Fire safety drills conducted as required
      • Defibrillators tested regularly
      • Exit signs clearly marked and visible
      • Entrances clearly marked with signs directing visitors to the main office


  • Jimmy Williams
    Chief of Safety & Security 
    Donald Kimbler
    Brian Jones
    Jason Ryals
    School Safety Analyst
    Pedro Rebolledo
    School Safety Analyst
    Raptor Customer Support
    (713) 880-8902 
    Visitor Aware Support
    (602) 362-8008