The LCS Transition Program



    The Transition Program ensures a seamless transition from school to independent adult life for young people with disabilities who need continued employment, agency support, and community and life skills training. It is our intent that students, upon exiting the program, will have part-time employment in a vocation of their choosing as evidenced through the Discovery Process. They will function independently in the community and in the home to the best of their ability and will contribute positively to their family and to their community.


    Program Qualifications


    The Transition Program is a Leon County School K-12 Program

    Transitions School Hours: 8:30am-2:00pm


    Program Qualifications

    Students must be:


    • 18-21 years of age and have deferred their Standard High School diploma with Access Points from a Leon County High School
    • Is a client of vocational Rehabilitation (VR) or is on their waitlist
    • Is a client of additional agencies as appropriate (i.e. Agency for Persons with Disabilities‐APD) so that support and funding continue after a student exits the program at age 22
    • Have employment, community participation, and community living as goals on their Transition IEP 

    The application and acceptance process


    • The student and applicant’s family fill out a referral packet (available through mail or e-mail form the Transition Program). The applicant sends the referral packet to the district transition specialist.
    • The intake committee reviews the application and the Transition IEP to determine the appropriateness for the program.
    • The district transition specialist reviews the application and visits each applicant at their high school. This visit includes a short questionnaire to gather information about the student’s employment and post-school interests.
    • The student applicant hears of the decision by U.S. mail.
    • A Transition IEP meeting takes place at the student’s high school with transition-related goals put into place.

    Once students are admitted to the program, the staff, student, outside agency supporters and families work together to help the student become both employed and independent. Planning occurs throughout the last year in the Transition Program to ensure that all the pieces are in place for a seamless exit. Because of the rigorous nature of this program, extensive support from parents is a requirement.


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