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On Campus/In Person Learning

    • In person learning is available to all students on all campuses and will begin on Monday, August 31.
    • Students will have limited exposure and remain in co-horts as much as possible:
      • Elementary teachers may switch classrooms
      • Middle and High Schools will implement a block schedule and alternate daily between 3 classes on one day and a different 3 on the following day. This will limit the class transitions and decrease student/teacher and student/student content by 50%. 


    • All Florida Standards including The Florida Standards, the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, and others aligned to specific subject areas will be taught in their entirety.
    • Students who receive services or accommodations through exceptional student education, gifted and/or talented, 504, or English Language Learner education will continue   to receive their identified, appropriate support and services.
    • Standards from the final quarter of the 2019-20 school year will be incorporated in the 2020-21 curricula to mitigate any learning gaps resulting from the Spring, 2020 school closures due to COVID-19.


    • Students participating in on campus instruction will use devices to access lessons, instructional materials and   activities, and assessments.
    • Devices will be used for real time communication and collaboration between the teacher and the students, including those students that are learning at home.






Last Modified on August 30, 2020