• General Information about Section 119.071, Florida Statutes, as it Pertains to Student Education Records

    Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, requires records of all state, county, and municipalities to be open for personal inspection and copying and makes access to public records a duty of each agency.  However, Section 119.017, Florida Statutes, exempts individuals employed in specified professions from these open records requirements.  Individuals eligible for an exemption whose children attend school may request a general exemption to have records, as specified in this statute, protected from inspection or copying by providing the following to the principal of the child’s school: 

    •  A written request for a general exemption under Section 119.071, Florida Statutes; and 
    •  Documentation of current or former employment in one of the eligible professions. 
    Upon review and verification of the submitted information, the district’s student information system will be changed to indicate that the records will not be open. 
    School Board Policy 8310 also provides information about Exemptions under Chapter 119, Florida Statutes.