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  • What exactly is the FortifyFL App?  - To see more information about the Anonymous tip app, visit our Fortify FL site @ https://www.leonschools.net/fortifyfl 

    Florida Statute 943.082 states that following an investigation, if it is determined that a person knowingly submitted a false tip through FortifyFl,
    the individual may be subject to criminal charges under FL statute


    For an Immediate, Life-Threatening Emergency, Please Dial 911.

Our Mission

  • Leon County Schools will create, maintain and enhance the physical and emotional safety of all students and staff and combine the use of technology and personnel to ensure our schools and work-sites are safe and protected.

    As part of our mission, we have created the 2022-2023 LCS Safe Schools Initiative. 

    At Leon County Schools, the safety of our students and employees always comes first. We use a comprehensive approach to safety and security, focusing on proactive and preventative strategies to ensure safety for all. In the district’s ongoing, innovative efforts to put school safety at the forefront, LCS has launched the Safe Schools initiative.

    Below is a list of programs the district will begin implementing in 2023 to support the safety and security at our school sites. Each program sets the stage for ensuring that the district is prepared for any situation that may arise. The programs will strengthen existing safety and prevention measures and protocols, and will enhance communication between students, families, their schools and the community.

    Weapons Detection Program

    • Pup Patrol

    StassiAs part of an innovative prevention strategy, the Pup Patrol team features a weapons detection, friendly-breed dog named Stassi (a Labrador Retriever) and a professional handler who will randomly visit secondary school classrooms throughout the year. If Stassi detects the odor of a weapon or ammunition, she will ‘passively alert’ the handler by laying or sitting down near the detected item. The Pup Patrol will be accompanied by hand-held, weapons detection devices (wands) that may also be used. 

    Reporting Safety Concerns

    Anonymous AlertThe Anonymous Alerts phone app is a more site-based communication tool for students to connect with school administrators anonymously concerning all matters on campus such as bullying, safety and health concerns, facility cleanliness, student depression, drug and alcohol issues, family problems, or other situations that may warrant immediate attention by school officials. Each middle and high school will have their own Anonymous Alert program. 

    Fortify Florida is the district’s main anonymous safety tip app that is provided by the Florida Department of Education. It’s an anonymous reporting system that enables anyone to report campus safety concerns using the mobile phone number or Web-based app, 24/7. This app also connects users to the District Security Center. As always, if you See Something…Hear Something…Say Something by calling (850) 922-KIDS. 

    What Can Parents Do?

    Just as the district and schools have safety plans that we review and update regularly, parents need to review their emergency plans.

    • Be sure that updated emergency contact information is on file in your child's school. This is particularly important if you have had a change in phone numbers.
    • Be sure you know what radio/tv stations to listen to for emergency information.
    • Be sure the school has the current information about your caregiver.
    • Be sure your child knows what to do/where to go if there is an emergency and no one is at home.
    • Be sure your child knows how to reach you at all times.
    • Be sure your child knows what to do if he/she comes home early. Should your child call you or someone else to let you know?
    • If your child has lost the key to the house and can't get in, what should he/she do?
    • Talk to your child about personal safety.
    • Teach your child how to recognize danger signals.
    • Make sure your child knows the sounds of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarms, and sirens. Be sure your child knows what to do when he/she hears these at home or in a public location.

Security Fast Facts

  • Emergency Management - Critical Incident Response

    Leon County Schools (LCS) takes an all hazards approach in its emergency management and preparedness initiatives. The Leon County School Board has adopted the National Incident Management System.

    Visiting a School?

    • Always check in at the main office
    • Legally park your vehicle
    • Have and present a valid source of identification
    Volunteering or Doing Business with Us?
    Remember to check the current background-check requirements