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  • ClassLink Tile Assignment

    ClassLInk Here is a partial rundown of the what?/where?/who? In regards to the ClassLink tile assignment process.  There are 7 ways tiles can be assigned.  Techs have control over two (2) (Groups and Users) the district has all 7.


    Techcons assigned tiles:

    Any tile being assigned to a specific user (1 by 1) or to AD security groups should be done by the techs on site unless it includes one of the tile assignments managed by the district below.  Techs have a special Tile called EdTech that grants them access to add tiles to either OU security groups and specific users as needed.  If you are using a security group IN AD and you do NOT see it in your EdTech tile, please let me know the name of that group so I can verify it is properly imported, synced, and assigned to you to have access control over.

    • Group specific tiles
    • User specific tiles (A3, admin tiles, specific people on site are only authorized user, etc.)
    • Admin portal type tiles (i-ready admin, tiles that require admins log in a portal different from teachers/students, tiles that require special manually created user accts, school-based rostered tiles)
    • school specific tiles (Network Shares, Print managers, Security videos, Software bought/run by the school only)


    District-assigned tiles:

    District handles the following tile assignments: (This is not an exhaustive list, but the most frequent ones)

    • OneRoster Data We upload all teacher and student enrollments/schedules with Course and Section info – this is what drives the data behind ClassLink tiles.
    • Profile (District Wide) assignment of tiles (Spam/Virus Firewall & Archiver, FOCUS, Leon LEADS, Liquid Office, O365, Unify, Skyward, Schoolwires, VERSA, Roster Verification, Teacher Portal, Tech User guides, PDFCandy, Noodle Tools,  FSA, Bright Futures, LCVS Digital Acad - Canvas)
    • Org / Cost center specific assignments (i-Ready, LCVS Digital Acad - Canvas)
    • Course # based Enrollment tile assignments (Think Central, Renaissance, ConnectEd, Ed, MyHRW,  AimsWeb, i-Ready (Student), Pasco Physics, Discovery, Santilliana, Teams, Unify, LCVS Digital Acad - Canvas)
    • Class Section tile assignments.


    Hope this helps give you some who/what/where clarification as to how tiles are assigned and which ones you do not need to be assigned.  If you did, it’s not a problem, the system doesn’t replicate the tiles, it’s just redundant work

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  • 2019_20 Schoolwires Calendar Import steps

    Calendar Hello Techs, to simplify the process of updating the Schoolwirescalendar for your school to include all of the dist calendars of events, here is the link to access the 2018-19 CSV District Calendar file to import the district calendar of events into Schoolwires easily.  You can choose to remove any events you don't want to be imported prior to importing. 


    1920 Schoolwires SiteDirectorImport.csv


    When importing, simply select the Outlook format (Don't create a new import configuration, it just replicates existing formats)


    Detaile step by Step instructions:

    How to import the district Calendar events to your sites school calendar

    The district calendar import file has to be created and posted prior to this process being done.  The file contains EVERYTHING in the dist calendar, so there might be some events your site doesn’t want so before you import,

    • Simply download the file (.CSV) (See below)
    • Filter and sort the columns by either subject or category column
    • Just delete any events you don’t want in the calendar for your school.
    • Here are the Category ID numbers for ease

    Getting the import file

    1. Here is what the Dist calendar CSV file looks like sorted by category and then subject so you can see if there is anything you want to delete
    2. To get the .CSV  file simply open your Schools Files and Folders (Under TOOLS tab)and select the Shared Library and locate the 1819LCS Calendar_SiteDirecorImport file.csv in the calendar import folder. 
      If for some reason you are unable to see or locate the Shared Library below, the direct link to the file is here: import/1819 LCS_Calendar_ SiteDirectorImport file.csv


     Importing the Calendar File


    1. Open your sites calendar app and select the Import Events
    2. Select your modified downloaded file (after you removed any events you don’t want)
      Select File
    3. Choose the Outlook Export mapping
    4. Preview your events and then import
    5. If you decide you do not want these events, you can simply “Undo Import”


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  • What do I need to look at as the Techcon for CBT Testing?

    There is no separate Technology Coordinator Guide or checklist for CBT administration. Instead, technology coordinators should use the following resources (See CBT File library below):


    ·         Test Administrator User Guide

    ·         TIDE User Guide

    ·         FSA Infrastructure Trial Guide

    ·         Secure Browser Installation Manual

    ·         FSA Technical Specifications Manual

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