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Frequently Asked Questions

School Health

  • Will masks be required?

  • What about masks for special needs students?

  • What does the Daily Health Screening entail and when will it take place?

  • Will COVID-19 testing be required prior to the start of school for staff and/or students?

  • What will happen if a child appears ill at school?

  • What do I do if my child has a fever?

  • Will my child need a doctor’s note to return to school after having a fever?

  • Will I be notified if another student tests positive for COVID-19 in my child’s class or school?

  • Can I volunteer at my child’s school?

  • How often will my child’s classroom be cleaned?

  • Will there be safety and well-being education?


  • Will students be required to wear a mask on the school bus?

  • Will temperature checks be taken at the stop when students board the school bus?

  • If my child does not have a mask, will they be able to ride the bus to school?

  • Will the school buses be cleaned and disinfected prior to picking up the students?

  • Where can I get additional information about Leon County Schools Transportation Services?

Serving Meals

  • If the cafeteria is closed how will meals be served?

  • How will you practice social distancing in the Cafeteria while serving meals?

  • Will meals be provided to students that are distance learning?

  • How will you ensure the safety and health of the Cafeteria staff?

School Safety & Security

  • Will any significant Safety & Security procedures be altered in the Fall due to Covid 19?

  • Will law enforcement officers continue to be at each campus during the school hours?

  • Does distance learning and the implementation of one-to-one devices create safety and security considerations?

Mental and Emotional Wellness

  • How will my child be able to communicate with a school counselor about academic or personal concerns?

  • How would I find help for my child if he/she struggles academically or emotionally when school resumes?

  • My child was referred for an evaluation before the Covid-19 outbreak, when will that get done?

  • How will I be able to connect with the school social worker to ask about help with basic needs for my family?

  • What is Social and Emotional Learning and why is it important?

  • What Social and Emotional supports do you have in place for schools?

  • What Mental Wellness supports are available for students on school campus?

  • What Mental Wellness Supports are available for students off school campus and in the community?

School Sanitation

  • Will kids be allowed on playgrounds? If so, how can we be sure the equipment will be properly sanitized?

  • Are you doing extra cleaning in preparation of kids coming back to school?

  • Will my child's classroom be shut down if a child in the classroom tests positive for COVID-19?

  • Will my child's classroom be cleaned more often during the school day?

  • How often are the HVAC filters replaced?

Student Activities and Gatherings

  • Will we have team sports and individual sports in the fall semester?

  • What will the Performing Arts programs (Marching Band, Chorus, Drama, etc) look like for the 2020-2021 school year?

  • What will Performing Arts look like in traditional, face-to-face school?

  • What will Performing Arts look like in Digital Academy?

  • Will fans be allowed to attend athletic events?

  • Will masks be required for fans?

  • What will school look like?

  • Will Digital Academy students be allowed to participate in Extracurricular Activities?

Digital Academy

  • What is the deadline for enrolling my student in the Digital Academy?

  • What is the difference between my school’s Digital Academy and Leon County Virtual School?

  • What will the day look like for students in the Digital Academy?

  • What will the Digital Academy schedule look like for an elementary student?

  • What will the Digital Academy schedule look like for a high school student?

  • What will the Digital Academy schedule look like for a middle school student?

  • Will there be live, digital instruction? If so, which digital conferencing platform will be used for that?

  • Can video cameras be set up in classrooms for live instruction?

  • If we elect to do Digital Academy for the 9 weeks and switch to brick and mortar for the other 9 weeks, will our student have the same teacher/class?

  • What if you can't be in a live course at 9am with the teacher because the parents work? Can we do it later, at 3pm for example?

  • How will attendance be taken in the Digital Academy?

  • Can a student attend some courses in person and some through the Digital Academy?

  • Can you do some digital and some face to face classes?

  • Can a student move from Face to Face to the Digital Academy?

  • Can you go from the brick and mortar to the Digital Academy after school begins?

  • If we decided to do digital learning starting in August will they be able to switch to school at the end of the 9 weeks?

  • In the Digital Academy, will there be paper packets provided to parents similar to the packets that were provided for the last 9 weeks of school?

  • Will the Digital Academy students receive a Chromebook?

  • May I elect a Digital Academy at a school that my student does not currently attend, or is enrolled at?

  • How do I elect, [or enroll] my student in the Digital Academy at my zoned or assigned school?

  • If I choose to enroll my student in the Digital Academy, how will I know how to support them?

  • What are the electives for the Digital Academy?

  • Why is Spanish the only foreign language offered in the Digital Academy?

  • If my student is enrolled in the Digital Academy, can they also participate in extracurricular activities at the school?

  • Can a student in the Digital Academy play sports or participate in marching band at his/her local school?

  • How will attendance be taken?

  • Who takes Chromebooks home?

  • Will my student receive training on Chromebook and Canvas? When will that take place?

  • Can Digital Academy students participate in Dual Enrollment?

  • Will my student be able to receive virtual tutoring?

  • How will IB classes be offered in the Digital Academy?

  • I have an elementary student. Will my student still have special area courses?

  • If my student is enrolled or will be enrolled at a school through School Choice, will my student still be able to elect the Digital Academy?

  • Will gifted education continue to be provided in the Digital Academy?

  • Please give clarification on ESE online schooling and therapies?

  • Will Physical Education be provided in the Digital Academy?

  • Will my child’s 504 Plan be honored in the Digital Academy?

  • My student receives ESE accommodations, or is enrolled in ESE Specific Courses. How will that work within the structure of the Digital Academy?

  • What if my family doesn’t have internet connectivity at home?

Last Modified on August 31, 2020