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    Core Course Offerings

    Montford Middle School offers multiple levels of academic courses to provide a differentiated academic learning environment designed to best meet your student's academic ability. Core classes (Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies) are offered at the general, advanced level, and gifted level. General classes are designed for the regular student at a regular pace. Advanced level classes have additional state standards students must demonstrate mastery on, move at a quicker pace, and are more rigorous then the general level. Gifted classes are only for students who are staffed Gifted and have an Educational Plan (EP). Those classes use the advanced state curriculum, but gifted students are grouped together and instruction is provided by a gifted endorsed teacher using gifted learning strategies. 

    Montford Middle School also provides high school credit core classes in Math and Science to 7th and 8th graders. 7th and 8th graders have the opportunity to start high school credit progression early by taking Algebra I, Algebra I Honors, Geometry Honors, Earth Space Honors, or Biology Honors. Students enrolled in these classes are not just taking "advanced" classes, but they are skipping grade level material and jumping ahead. Grades earned in these classes remain on the student's transcript when they leave middle school, are included in the high school GPA, and viewed by college admissions. 

     Core Course Placement

    The previous year's teacher provides a recommendation for the academic level a student is placed in. The high school credit class placement is based off assessment data as a factor in the teacher's recommendation for placement. Students do not need to take one level across the board; students can take a mix of general, advanced, high school credit, or gifted courses. Only students identified as Gifted under ESE qualify for our gifted classes. Parents have the opportunity to override a teacher's recommendation of placement by filling out the Parent Override Form and submitting it to the Assistant Principal of Curriculum.

    Elective Placement

    Students complete an online form at the end of the previous school year to submit their elective choices. Each year, communication is emailed to parents about this process. 

    Intervention Placement

    Students identified as reading below grade level according to state FSA data combined with STAR Progress Monitoring data are required to participate in an Intensive Reading intervention program, which is either offered in lieu of an elective or as a pull-out from an elective course. 


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