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  • Campus Tours

    Campus Tours are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 10am. Contact the Guidance Department to set up an appointment!

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  • MMS PTSO Patrons Program

    Become a PTSO Patrons member here.

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  • Montford Athletics

    Montford Middle School offers a variety of fall sports, such as football, volleyball, boys and girls cross country, and dance.  If you are interested in participating please visit the Montford Athletics Webpage.

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  • ListServ

    As a member of the Montford ListServ, you will receive Montford information and alerts through e-mail notifications. Join our ListServ.

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  • Families in Transition Program

    F.I.T. Program Survey

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  • 7th Grade Vaccination Information
    To all Parents/Guardians of 7th Grade Students:
    The Florida Department of Health requires all 7th Graders to have the following immunization:
    • Tdap (1 dose) Tetanus-Diptheria-Pertussis
    Documentation of the Tdap is required BEFORE your student starts 7th Grade. Please submit updated Florida Certifications of Immunizations (Form DH 680) to the registrar's office.
    Immunizations are available from your private medical doctor or the Florida Department of Health. To schedule an appointment with Florida DOH, please call 850-606-8190.
    If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the registrar.
    Lori Hager
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  • Orientation

    Orientation is on Friday, August 9th from 10:30am to 12:00pm. This is a drop in event. You can pick up your student's schedule and a map and figure out where your classes are for the school year, and say hello to your new teachers!

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  • Courses Requested


    We will not be printing out a list of your student’s courses requested. Please log on to your Parent Portal to view a list of courses your student has requested for next school year. This is not a schedule, but only a list of requests. We are not currently accepting any change requests regarding electives. Parents and students will have an opportunity to request a change once schedules are finalized. Take the time to make sure your student is enrolled in the proper level of core academic classes. Electives are subject to change when test data comes in over the summer and students are assigned remediation courses.


    Course Code Key:

    EXPL MUS PERF – 13000800 – Guitar

    INTRO DANCE TECH – 03001000 – Drama 2

    Research 3 – 17000200 – Digital Tools

    Research 1 – 17000000 - Yearbook

    UNDERSTANDING MUSIC – 13000300 – Piano

    Basic Theatre – 04000350 – Drama 1

    FITNESS GRADE 6 - 15080000 - 6th grade PE, one semsester

    COMPRE GRDE6/7 - 15080600 - 6th grade PE, one semester

    COMPRE GDE 7/8 – 15080700 – 7th grade PE, one semester

    TEAM SPORTS GRD 7 – 15080200 -7th grade PE, one semester

    WELLNESS ED GR 8 – 15080800 – 8th grade PE, one semester

    IND/DUAL SPT GD 8 – 15080500 – 8th grade PE, one semester

    Intro Ed & Train (/CP) – 84403500 & 84403600 – Adobe

    PERS CAR SCH - 05000000 - Personal Careers (Gardening)

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  • Summer Assignments

    Please review the required summer reading asssignment, and optional mathematics assignment, here. 

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  • Attendance

    If your student arrives late to school or is picked up early, you must submit an excusal letter for the periods your student missed class. Signing in and out of the book at the front desk does not excuse your student’s absences. You can email Ms. Jones your excusal letters. 

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