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    I have been teaching since 2004.  I have been at Montford since 2008.  I am a Florida State alumn and lover of all sports!  


  • Tips and Reminders

    Brick and Mortar Students

    You should be dressed for activity on days you have Physical Education.

    If you are absent, you need to check Canvas and complete the assignment online.

    Digital Academy Students

    The link to your online class [Teams/Zoom] is on our class Canvas page.  If you do not join, you will be considered absent for that class session, and will miss your participation points.

    If you have questions, during class, you may message me through Microsoft Teams; I will be away from email during classes.

    If you are having issues getting in to the class meeting/live session, please message me through the Remind app; I will be away from emial during class.

    Contacting me with Questions/Concerns

    You may email me at, the Remind app, or Microsoft Teams [students only].  I am unable to reply to any other forms of written chats.

                Due to the new scheduling, please allow up 48 hours for an email or phone response.

    If a student is having connectivity problems, or issues accessing any links, please message me either through the Microsoft Teams chat or the Remind app.

  • Office Hours

     Office hours will vary due to the new hybrid schedule.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

  • Remember to keep doing "THE FIVE"

    (Source: World Health Organization)

    Help stop coronavirus
    STAY home as much as you can
    KEEP a safe distance
    WASH hands often
    COVER your cough or sneeze (sleeve o
    SICK? Call ahead
  • Keep in mind the following each day...


    - get 9 hours of sleep

    5 - keep eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables

    2 - no more than 2 hours of screen time (other than academics!)

    1 - 1 hour of physical activity

    0 - zero use of tobacco products and sugary energy drinks