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  • We are back!

    Appllications are in my classroom, come on by and say hi when you pick one up. I'm here 8:45am before school and until 4:15 after school. Feel free to stop by between classes too.


    Kelly Emerson (Science)

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SciGirls Information

  • Purpose:

    The goal of the Montford SciGirls Club is to familiarize girls with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) disciplines and to inspire them in exploring science related careers and activities. Speakers will be brought in from the local community to provide hands-on activities which will encourage girls to explore science in the world around them and to develop a positive attitude toward STEAM.
    Club meetings take place before school from 8:15am to 9:15am on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. There will also be opportunities to participate in two field trips, one each semester.
    Requirements to be a SciGirl:
    • Must have all 3's or 4's in Citizenship
    • Must be able to arrive at school by 8:10am on club meeting days and stay for the full hour. We know there are a lot of before-school clubs and other activities. If you want to be a Montford SciGirl, you need to plan to attend all meetings.
    • Must be a 6th, 7th, or 8th grade girl who wants to learn more about STEAM.
    • Students must submit an application. Membership is limited to 27 students.


    • There is a $5 activity fee that will be used for the girls during club meetings. Any leftover fees will go towards end-of-the-year activities or be carried over to the next year.
    • A SciGirls T-shirt is required to attend the field trips or other off campus club activities. We will be designing new shirts during the first few meetings so a T-shirt will be required to be purchased.  

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  • What We're Doing in SciGirls
    Meeting Dates -The 2nd and 4th WEDNESDAY of each month

    January 10th -Plan and try STEM night activities
    January 24th -Marketing plan for STEM night
    February 14th- Finalize all STEM night activities
    FEBRUARY 15th -STEM Night 6- 7:30
    March 27th
    April 24th
    May 8th -Celebration