Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

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    "Reading is a solitary act, an experience of interiority. To read a book is to burst the confines of one’s consciousness and enter another world. What happens when you read a book in the company of others? You enter its world together but see it in your own way; and it’s through sharing those differences of perception that the book group acquires its emotional power." ( New York Times, James Atlas, 2014)

    Mrs. Gaskin's students have joined together this fall to create their own online book club that will allow them to share and collaborate their free choice novel they are reading over the Thanksgiving break.
    Our mission statement for this book club is as follows:
    It is our hope that our book club will promote; a love for literature and a positive attitude towards reading, encourage extensive and intensive reading, invite natural discussions that lead to student inquiry and critical thinking, support diverse responses to text, foster interaction, cooperation and collaboration, provide choice and encourage responsibility, expose our group to literature from multiple perspectives and nurture reflection and self evaluation.

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Literary Discussions

Student's in the "Fish Bowl" having a literary discussion on the mythology story of the Flight of Icarus