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  • Congrats! Many of you have finished all the assignments for the 4th 9-weeks. See the checklist to see if you are finished. Extra Credit opportunities will be given this week (they are all optional). Every assignment must be completed/turned in by Wednesday, May 27th.

    The "At Home Learning" Assignment Checklist: 1) 2-Week Packet on Ratios (2 grades in Focus) 2) Volume Mini Assessment  3) Surface Area Mini Assessment 4) Mean, Median, Mode, & Range Mini Assessment 5) Box Plots & Line Plots Mini Assessment 6) Histograms Mini Assessment

    Please check your grades in Focus to see if you are missing any assignments. The letter "Z" means you are missing an assignment and it must be completed/turned in by Wednesday, 5/27.

  • At Home Learning Office Hours: Weekdays 1:00-3:00