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    Hello! My name is Daniel Stitt, and I am an accomplished educator, scholar, and creator.

    I have taught English and Language Arts classes for over 10 years, and have taught in a number of different settings (both physical and digital).  I enjoy helping students take their language, argumentation, and thinking skills to an advanced level. Along with teaching, I am a curriculum writer through Teachers Pay Teachers and YouTube. I enjoy being creative with words, and aiding fellow teachers  so that they can make an impact in meaningful ways.  

    The best way to contact me is by emailing me at: stittd@leonschools.net. Please send me an email to this address with any quesitons, comments, or concerns you may have, and I will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours. 

    Also, please click on some of the links below to get quick and accurate information about our class this year, such as the syllabus, the summer reading book list and project details, as well as instructions for signing up for our daily text alerts through REMIND 101.

    Thank you for visiting my site, and I look forward to working together this year!

    Mr. Daniel Stitt
    Professional Educator & Curriculum Creator