• Required State Assessments

    Should you have any questions regarding state testing, please contact our school's Testing Coordinator, Ms. Ward

    All students are required to participate in state assessments. The assessments they are required to participate in differ by grade level and course of enrollment. 

    Students on ACCESS Point curriculum participate in the Florida State Alternative Assessment (FSAA).

    ESOL students participate in the ACCESS for ELL's Assessment. 


    The state determines testing windows. The FAST Math and Reading are given three times a year. The first administration is in August, the second administration is in December, and the final administration is in May. The August and December administrations are used for Progress Monitoring purposes and the test is adaptative - this means as the student answers questions correctly, the test increases in rigor. The May administration is cumulative and provides the student's proficiency level for the end of the year. The EOC's are typically given over the first two weeks of May. All grade levels will participate in computer-based testing (unless the student has accommodations stating otherwise). The only paper-based test is the 8th Grade Science Assessment.

    FAST Reading - 6th through 8th Grade

    FAST Math - 6th through 8th Grade (unless enrolled in Algebra I Honors or Geometry Honors)

    EOC Algebra*/Geometry - 7th and 8th Grade students enrolled in Algebra I Honors or Geometry Honors

    Civics - students enrolled in the Civics course (typically 7th Grade)

    8th Grade Science - all 8th Grade students, including Earth Space Science Honors students (unless enrolled in Biology Honors)

    Biology EOC - 8th grade students enrolled in Biology Honors

    District Testing Website

    State Testing Website