• If you need assistance with any assignment or anything please know you can call me on TEAMS 10AM-12PM Monday through Friday or email/chat a request for another time and  I will be sure to connect live to help.  Any performance can also be done LIVE instead of recorded if easier.  Just schedule a meeting with me and I am there!!! 


    REMINDERS:  YOU MUST CHECK IN EACH WEEK TO GET CREDIT AND NOT BE MARKED ABSENT.  This can be done in a chat, email, or work submission through TEAMS, focus or email.  Each week YOU must make contact.


     FINE ART TRIP (ANASTASIA)- Obviously, cancelled.  Refunds are being processed but it will take until the end of the school year to get to you.  Obviously, we are on limited resources at this time.


    NYC Trip- Refunds are in process for those that had trip insurance. I HEARD IT IS BEING MAILED SOON SO BE ON THE LOOK OUT. ( It will take awhile for sure)  With NYC closed down, we can't information for those that didn't have insurance as nothing is open. We work on it each week, so I will stay in touch.  UPDATE- still too many vendors not back to work to know more. 


    LESSONS FOR WEEK 4/13-Due Monday 4/20- Turn in on Focus, Teams or Email
    Music Theater
    Lesssons for week 4/20- due 4/27
    Chorus and Music Theater have second submission from the choices of week 1.  Please submit the first assignment by 4/20 and another by 4/27.

     LESSONS for week 3 (4/27-end of the year)


    Drama 4/27-end of year



    Chorus 4/27-end of year



    Music theater 4/27-end of year

    vocab word bank for last week



    Keep smiling, singining, dancing, acting, and helping out as you can.


    Stay healthy,


    Mrs. Drew 

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.  On this website you will find course descriptions, dates, way to get involved, and expectations for each class.  Please email me if you have any additional questions at drewj3@leonschools.net.

    I am so excited to meet you all this year.  




    Supplies needed for chorus are: paper that you can put in the folder that will be provided for you, a pencil, and your planner for dates and reminders.  You may also bring your own folder if you find that easier, but there will be a 3 ring binder that I will provide for you and your folder partner to hold our music.


    Supplies needed for drama are: you need your own folder ( not 3 ring, small folder) for class. This should have paper and you always need a pencil/pen for class.


    Looking forward to meeting you all.


    Mrs. Drew







Helpful practice links to copy and paste in your browser.

  •  Here are some helpful links if you are wanting  to work on the skills we work on in class

    1. fva

    3. www.musictheory.net
    4. www.thesightreadingproject.com