I sent an email to the addresses that were in FOCUS on Sat 3/28.  If the parent email bounced back I sent to your school email ( student).  If your parent didn't get it, please have them follow the directions in our listserve and website to update their contact info in FOCUS if they want to keep up with school updates.   We will being instruction on 4/15 but until that time, I will be checking in and chatting once my rosters have been put online through TEAMS.  It is still being developed or would have started already.  I hope you all are doing well.  You are missed!

    Just want you to know that elective classes don't start until 4/15.  They want you to focus on your core packet review until that time.  I will be chatting with you and sending you stuff through Microsoft TEAMS for those that can access later next week.  You will be getting more information on it in about a week.   I will be able to message you as a class, hear and see you if you allow and send you recordings so that we can still perform for each other the best we can.  We will make it FUN and entertaining.  Next week I will learn how I get access to those without internet to make sure I can connect with them as well.   We will know so much more by the end of next week. Just don't worry.  All you need to do is warm up that great brain of yours with the core class review packet you will be getting access to on Friday and then slowly we will be getting you ready for our classes after that.  I am hoping we get to do more than virtual school real soon.  You are missed.  Don't forget that these classes were supposed to get you ready to try new things.  Well we are trying them for sure!


    If you are wanting to try out for the Music theater class, please send an online audition. Obviously the date is extended.  I haven't announced a new date as I need more direction from our upcoming virtual faculty mtg next week.  Feel free to email me until we get the TEAM thing going, than we can conference together.  I can only imagine how fun that will be.  I am sure I will need to just let you all conference without me for a few for sure.

    Keep smiling, singining, dancing, acting, and helping out as you can.


    Stay healthy,


    Mrs. Drew 

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.  On this website you will find course descriptions, dates, way to get involved, and expectations for each class.  Please email me if you have any additional questions at drewj3@leonschools.net.

    I am so excited to meet you all this year.  




    Supplies needed for chorus are: paper that you can put in the folder that will be provided for you, a pencil, and your planner for dates and reminders.  You may also bring your own folder if you find that easier, but there will be a 3 ring binder that I will provide for you and your folder partner to hold our music.


    Supplies needed for drama are: you need your own folder ( not 3 ring, small folder) for class. This should have paper and you always need a pencil/pen for class.


    Looking forward to meeting you all.


    Mrs. Drew








Helpful practice links to copy and paste in your browser.

  •  Here are some helpful links if you are wanting  to work on the skills we work on in class

    1. fva

    3. www.musictheory.net
    4. www.thesightreadingproject.com