• Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year.  My name is Señora Knauf, and I am very excited to get to meet all of you!

     On this website, you will find course descriptions and expectations for each class.  Please email me if you have any additional questions at knaufi@leonschools.net.


    Beginning Spanish


    Any student who is in 6th grade can take this semester's course. Students will learn beginning skills in vocabulary, listening, speaking, and culture. This course is designed to introduce concepts for Spanish I.



    Spanish 2


      Spanish 2 is a yearlong, high school credit course introducing students to basic pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammatical structures of the Spanish language.  Students will also have an introduction to the history, culture, and geography of Spanish-speaking peoples around the world.  Real-life applications are emphasized as students begin using the present, past, and future tense in Spanish.

                                               Students must maintain a “C” average or above to receive high school credit for the course. 


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