• REQUIRED Summer Reading Assignments
    Montford availability checking out summer books:

    Montford will be offering checkout for summer reading books. There is a limited quantity, so it will be first come, first serve. Mrs. Thompson (the media specialist) open the media center every 2 weeks to check in and out the summer reading titles we have in our collection. If you check one out, you will need to show up at designated times listed below. You must return the book at the following check out time (or before that by dropping off at the front office) so others can enjoy the books over the summer. If you have no luck at the Montford media check out, try the Leon County public library. The earlier in the summer, the more success you will have finding books. For more information on availability, please see the Montford Media page or the Montford Language Arts page.

    MMS open library check out (including summer reading titles) Summer 2023

    Wednesday, June 7 (8:30-9:30)

    Wednesday, June 21 (8:30-9:30)

    Wednesday, July 12 (8:30-9:30)

    Wednesday, July 26 (8:30-9:30)

    Optional Summer Math Assignments 

    Some teachers will give extra credit for completing the optional Math Assignment. Please sign in using the appropriate link below.   Each quiz can be taken as many times as a student would like to get the best score possible.  We recommend a score of at least 75% for students who will be in general level courses, and at least 85% for students who will be in advanced level courses. We recommend a score of at least 90% and for students who will be taking high school credit courses (Algebra I and Geometry). If a student is struggling with a topic there are videos that go with every topic in Khan academy that students can watch for extra help.

    6th grade https://www.khanacademy.org/join/99SY7KX8

    7th grade and Pre-Algebra   https://www.khanacademy.org/join/TK75XESG

    Algebra**  https://www.khanacademy.org/join/84CARFZZ

    Geometry  https://www.khanacademy.org/join/DGNSEJK3

    If you would like more review materials for Math we recommend Khan Academy’s Get Ready Course for the grade level/class you are entering next year for 6th grade math, 7th grade math and Pre-Algebra. 

    **Seventh graders going into Algebra- we recommend going through the 7th grade course along with the above review.