SWAT Sponsor

  • Elizabeth Quigley (Paraprofessional)

SWAT Information

  • SWAT is Florida's statewide youth organization working to mobilize, educate and equip Florida youth to revolt against and de-glamorize Big Tobacco. We are a united movement of empowered youth working towards a tobacco free future.

    "While we might not like our opponents, it would be foolish to underestimate them...They are clever."
    – Philip Morris Executive John Dollisson, 1990

    • SWAT won't tell you what to do or how to think. Our mission is simple. Just share the facts and let you decide for yourself.
    • SWAT is here to expose the facts about Corporate Tobacco. SWAT gives Florida youth a voice to stand up to Corporate Tobacco.
    • SWAT empowers Florida youth to educate their peers about the manipulative tactics of Big Tobacco so that together we can take a stand and make a change for the next generation.