• Course Request Information

    Currently Enrolled 6th and 7th Graders (Next Year's 7th and 8th Graders)

    Currently enrolled 6th and 7th graders select their elective course requests through an online form. Each year, there is a one week window provided to students to make their elective selections. The dates of the window are communicated on our listserv, homepage, and school announcements. It is essential students select not only their first and second choice, but alternates of their interest. If currently enrolled students do not complete the online form during the window, administration picks their electives for them. Certain electives require an application and selection, or a prognosis score to be eligible to participate. (High School Credit Spanish, High School Credit Art, High School Credit Musical Theatre, and Yearbook). Additionally, one semester of Physical Education is required each year of middle school as a state requirement. Students who receive physical activity outside of the school day can opt out of PE in lieu of taking another elective by completing the PE Opt Out.

    Core class placement for the next school year is determined by recommendation by the current year's teacher. Parents are welcome to override the teacher recommendation by completing a Parent Override Form.

     Currently Enrolled 5th Graders (Next Year's 6th Graders)

    Currently enrolled 5th Graders complete a paper-based course request form. Each year, the paper form is provided to the elementary schools and there is a designated window to complete and turn them back in. 5th Grade Teachers determine placement for the core classes while parents and students can choose their electives (and alternates). Parents can override a teacher's recommendation by completing a Parent Override Form. Each Spring, we host a virtual parent session during the course request window to provide parents with information about Montford Middle School and answer questions about filling out the course request form. Dates for the course request window and the parent informational session are communicated via Montford's listserv and website, and forwarded to each elementary school's 5th grade team leaders.

    Currently Enrolled 8th Graders (Next Year's 9th Graders)

    Each high school has their own course request process. As Montford Middle School receives information from the high school, we push that information through our listserv and announcements to students.