• Course Request Information for 24-25 School Year

    Current 6th and 7th graders (Next year's 7th and 8th graders)

    Beginning on Friday, April 12th, 2024 current 6th and 7th grade students will have four days to submit their elective requests for next school year.  Students will have access to the elective course selection form through their Canvas Homeroom page.  There are four identical questions on the elective selection form. Each question has ALL of our elective choices/combinations that we offer.  This allows students to submit their top 4 choices in order. 
    Students will have access to the form beginning at 6:00pm April 12th, through midnight on April 15th.  Students will only have access to the form by logging in through Canvas, and will only be able to submit one form.   Once the form has been submitted they will not be able to access the form again, so please review carefully before hitting submit. 

    Scheduling Process and Information
    2024-25 Electives

    •    PE is required by law each year of middle school.  If your student wishes to opt out of PE, you can fill out an opt out form and email it to Montfordschedules@leonschools.net. Forms are available using the link below, or attached to this email. PE Opt Out Form   

    •    Students requesting High School Credit Spanish 1 must meet the following requirements
              Students entering 7th grade must score a level 4 or 5 on the FAST PM 3 ELA test in 6th grade.
              Students entering 8th grade must score a level 3, 4, or 5 on the FAST PM 3 ELA test in 7th grade.
              If your student does not meet the above requirements but wishes to take the course, a parent override form must be submitted to Montfordschedules@leonschools.net.  

    •    If you submitted an application for Yearbook, Musical Theater (High School Credit), or 3D Art (High School Credit), you still need to select the elective as one of your 4 choices.  

    2024-25 Core Classes 
    Students are automatically enrolled in the next year's course progression at their current level.  If they are in general, advanced, or gifted courses this year - they are automatically placed in general, advanced, or gifted courses next year. The classroom teacher will contact you if they feel your student needs a change in placement for the next school year.  You will not be contacted if your student is not being recommended for a placement change. 

    If for any reason you want your student to enroll in core classes that are different than what is recommended, please fill out a Parent Override Form. 

    High School Math and Science
    Students who qualify for high school level math and science courses will be notified by Friday, May 24th, Qualifications include but are not limited to:
    •    FAST PM 3 Math and ELA Test Scores
    •    23-24 Classroom Grades
    •    23-24 Classroom Teacher Recommendations. 

    If you do not receive the high school credit placement email but want to enroll your student in high school credit courses, please fill out the parent override form.

    2024 -25 Course Request and Scheduling Timeline

    Elective Selection Process
    •    April 12th – April 15th (Form via Student Homeroom Canvas Page)

    Core Class Placement 
    •    May 24th (on or before this date)

    Student Schedules Mailed
    •    Student Schedules (Courses Only, No Teachers Assigned at this time) will be mailed out to students during the first week in July (tentative), along with a letter detailing the schedule change process. 

    Schedule Change Process
    •    Students will have 2 weeks during July (dates TBD) to email schedule change requests to Montfordschedules@leonschools.net  (please note this email address will close May 24th, 2024 and will not open back up until the schedule change window opens in July.  Any emails sent to this address prior to the window will not be received)
    •    All efforts will be made to accommodate course change requests, however are not guaranteed.  
    •    Teacher or Period Requests will NOT be accommodated. 
    Final Schedule Distribution
    •    Students will receive updated schedules with Teachers assignments on either Friday, August 9th (Middle School Orientation) if they attend, or on Monday, August 12th (First Day of the 24-25 School Year).  



    Current 5th graders (incoming 6th graders)

    Incoming 6th graders complete a paper-based course request form. Each year, the paper form is provided to the elementary schools and there is a designated window to complete and turn them back in. 5th Grade Teachers determine placement for the core classes while parents and students can choose their electives (and alternates). Parents can override a teacher's recommendation by completing a Parent Override Form. Dates for the course request window are communicated via Montford's listserv, website and social media pages, and forwarded to each elementary school's 5th grade team leaders. Montford Administration will be visiting our feeders schools by April 19th. 

    All forms will be due to the elementary school by Friday, May 3rd.

    Current 8th Graders (Next Year's 9th Graders)

    Each high school has their own course request process. As Montford Middle School receives information from the high school, we push that information through our listserv and announcements to students.


    Questions? email simsk@leonschools.net