Academic Placement

  • Each student is assigned to one of the various academic levels at Montford Middle based upon their current teacher's recommendation and their FSA data.

    Academic Placement Information

    All students will be given a prognosis assessment in mathematics each year to help determine placement.

    In addition, students with an Individual Education Plan (E.S.E. students) or an E.P. (Gifted students) will receive course recommendations at these conferences for use in the scheduling process.

    Montford Middle School uses a process that places the academic needs of the student above those of elective choice, or non-academic preference.

    Students are not permitted to swap or choose their teacher selection, nor their assigned teacher due to peer groups, or make adjustments in their schedules based upon classroom locations, change of mind, etc.

    The master schedule of Montford Middle School is built upon the academic level of each student and their elective choice(s). For this reason and to better meet the mandates of the class size amendment, there are only rare circumstances in which a change in schedule will be possible.

    Parents wishing to discuss their child's placement or to review their course selections may contact our Curriculum Director, Ms. Shultz.

Curriculum Requirements

  • Each student enrolled in middle school in the state of Florida must complete the following courses prior to enrolling in high school. Three courses in each of the following subject areas: math, language arts, science, and social studies are required at each child's prescribed level of achievement.  

    Additional Course Documents 

Leon County Progression Plan

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