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    As SGA student officers, we will serve as a bridge between the administration, faculty, staff and students. The Student Government Association will work to strengthen communication, effectively address student concerns, and promote a culture of academic excellence at Montford Middle School. Additionally, the Student Government Association will work diligently to strengthen the relationship between the school and the greater Tallahassee community.

    The Student Government Association seeks to improve campus morals and Mustang Spirit, help students identify campus resources, and promote a positive relationship among students, faculty, staff and administrators. Students who participate in Student Government Association sponsored events will enhance their middle school experience and become more prepared to face the challenges of high school and beyond.

    (Adapted from Savannah State University)

    ANNOUNCEMENTS: CLUB RUSH and Officers Elected September 23rd 
    NEXT SGA MEETING: September 29th at 8:45 a.m. in Room 5-116
    Congratulations to the Officers for the 2022-2023 MMS School Year! Please see Ms. Hogan on Tuesday to sign your professional duties paperwork.



    President-Caffey Hilyer

    Vice President-Ali Harllee

    Secretary-Avery Jones

    Treasurer-TJ Sellars



    Chief of Staff-George Day

    MMS Commissioner-TBD

    Student Ambassador to MMS Faculty/Staff-Jasmin League

    Director of Philanthropy-Ellasyn Jones