• Mrs. Famularo


    Supplies 22-23 school year


    • Paper for note-taking.
    • Pencils -NO PENS IN MATH CLASS!
    • Color Pencils, pens or highlighters
    • 3-ring binder OR folder with brads to keep notes, handouts, bellwork, and the learning log. If you are using a binder the binder may be shared with other classes as long as it is in class every day! If you are using a folder with brads this will be a math folder and can not be shared. If you are using a folder with brads I would recommend a plastic one, it will hold up throughout the year.
    • Calculator I recommend a Casio FX-260(this is what I have a class set of) or TI-30XSIIS(my favorite calculator!).  Both of these calculators will be usable through Geometry.  

    Optional items

    • Mouse for your Chromebook
    • colored pencils and highlighters for note-taking






    Summer Math Recommendations

    Going into Algebra 

    IXL under the 8th-grade tab

    D2, E1, F4, H3, H6, H9, O1, P1, X2, X6, X13, X15, Y8, Z7


    Going into Geometry

    IXL under the 8th-grade tab

    F6, F10, J2, J9, Q6, T4, V3, V4, V7, Y11, Y12, Y13, Y18, AA3, AA1, DD5