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    Algebra and 7th grade Advanced Math 


    Welcome back!

    I am very excited to be teaching both in person and digitally. Math is a wonderful tool that can enrich your life in many ways. Having taught at the high school level, I know the importance of mastering the skills in 7th-grade math and Algebra. Success in these classes will lay a strong foundation for future math classes.

    This year we will all work and learn together!  Below are the supplies that will be needed for class.  This is the same for both Brick and Mortar students and Digital Students.


    Pencils- This is math class we do not use a pen!

    Lined Paper

    Notebook- I would suggest a three-ring binder.  The binder can be shared with other classes as long as there is a designated section (divider) for Math class only and you do not have to turn in the binder to another teacher.  I will not be collecting the binders but you need a way to organize your self.  

    Calculator - This is optional.  The Chromebooks (once we get them) have a calculator app but I know that I prefer to have a separate calculator from my computer.  If you are going to buy a calculator I would suggest either Casio fx-260 or TI-30xIIS.  Both of these calculators have all of the functions you will need until you get to Calculus.