• Mrs. Famularo


    7th grade Advanced Math Open House Video


    Geometry Open House





    Supplies 20-21 school year


    • Paper for note-taking.
    • Pencils, color pens/pencils for note-taking and SHOWING YOUR WORK!!!
    • Highlighters to help with note-taking.
    • 3 ring binder to keep notes, handouts, bellwork, and the learning log. This binder can be shared with other classes as long as it is in class every day!
    • Notebook this can be a composition or spiral but must be ONLY for MATH you will show all of your work for your computer-based assignments in this notebook. You will need more than one of these for the year!!!
    • Calculator will not be used until the 2nd quarter in 7th-grade math. I recommend a Casio FX-260(this is the one you will use for the FSA) or TI-30XSIIS(my preferred calculator but you cannot use this one on the FSA!).  Both of these calculators will be usable through Geometry.
    • Wired headphones- wireless headphones are not allowed in my classroom.


    Optional items

    • Ruler
    • Mouse for your Chromebook
    • Compass and protractor- Geometry class only