• Guidance Department

    A comprehensive guidance program will improve test scores, increase attendance, lower behavior referrals, and help to eliminate school violence.  With all the stressors in everyone's lives today, it is important to have someone for middle school students to talk to in the school setting.  Our guidance office offers the following services to help students feel safe and comfortable in order to be successful academically and socially.

    • Individual Counseling: working with students to identify and resolve obstacles to learning and addressing scheduling issues.
    • Group Counseling/Facilitation: working in small groups on topics such as anger management, conflict resolution, sexual harassment, and bullying.
    • Parent Education: individual and group presentations on parenting skills and test interpretation and proven school success models. 

    Campus Tours are available the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00am. Contact Ms. Fowler to reserve a spot!

S Fowler
Alexandra Long
  • Ms. Alexandra Long

    7th Grade Last Name A-K

    8th Grade

    Referral Coordiantor

    OFFICE HOURS 9:30AM-11:30AM

New Horizons

  • New Horizons is a program for students who want to learn skills to help them make positive choices. While in New Horizons, students are on a journey to expand your horizons and life experiences. While students participate in New Horizons, they work as a group or individually to learn about different coping strategies, anger management, communication skills, team building, decision-making and healthy relationships. Our discussions will include how these topics relate to life. New Horizons provides a safe and comfortable space for students to be successful mentally, socially, and academically.


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