Bienvenidos bulletinboard
  • Spanish 2 & 6th Grade Spanish Supplies:
    charged computer device (not phone)
    headphones with microphone
    spiral notebook with pockets
    pencil pouch with pencils and sharpener
    (or just mechanical pencils)

Welcome to Spanish with Sra. Holguin

  • I cannot wait for everyone to come back to school!  Whether you are in Digital Academy or attending in person, we'll all be in this together! ¡Estaremos juntos todos!


    I will be your teacher for Spanish 2 for 8th grade and Beginning Spanish for 6th grade.  I love, love, LOVE teaching Spanish and I hope you will LOVE learning it!!  


    As you know, this year will be different than any other.  We are navigating new territories daily!  I choose to view each day as a challenge and an adventure!  And, we will enjoy the adventure of learning a new language and culture! Enjoy the journey! ¡Disfruta el camino!