Welcome to Spanish with Sra. Holguin

  • Missing ALL of my students! Please stay healthy & safe! 

    Online Spanish Classes start Monday, April 13.  Check your class's E-Learning page for an outline of 6 weekly lessons with daily activities.  You may complete these activities at your own pace.  I will count the Quizlet LEARN sets and Assessments for grades for the 4th 9-weeks. Any other activities that you are able to get to me via email, or delivered on FOCUS will count for extra assignments.  The more grades you have the better! 


    For extra practice we will try out 2 new websites. These websites come with free accounts.  Accounts are optional, but I will be able to give you credit for completing extra work, if you set up these accounts. Both are easy to set up, but get your parent's permission first.


    To join EdPuzzle Spanish 1 Click here and 6th Grade Beginning Spanish click here. Then, follow directions to join the class.

    To join BoomLearning Spanish 1 Click here and 6th Grade Beginning Spanish click here.





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