Hogan's Heroes

  • The Greek Food Festival will be December 17th

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    REMINDER- A 3 (three) in CITIZENSHIP is awesome! Be sure to check the details on Citizenship requirements under Important Documents. ♥ 

    Grading Policy

    Z = Missing assignment that needs to be made-up from an absence (It is bringing your grade down)

    0 = You are no longer able to receive credit for that assignment

    X = You are excused/exempt 

    No late work will be accepted


    How do you study for the tests?

    Use the self-check quizzes, on the ConnectEd tile in ClassLink, for each lesson of the chapter.


    You can often find extra copies of our assignments in FOCUS under the assignment number in my gradebook if the original has been misplaced or if you are absent.




      Go Noles!


    When you are logging into ClassLink be sure you are using your FULL username! 

    For example: 123456789@edu.leonschools.net, not just 123456789 like you can while at school. 

    Do not forget the "edu" part of your county e-mail address! ♥