• Week 3- Adjectives with SER:

    Week 3 Assessment due by the end of the day Monday, May 4.

    lunes- Write Adjectives with Ser Vocab. 2x each (View it below. You can freeze the slides by clicking the one you want at the bottom). Do not submit it to me. Keep it to study and use on your assessment. Also, watch this short EdPuzzle video about Adjective Agreement in Spanish. It will be easier to take notes if you watch on your EdPuzzle account, but if you don't have an account, you can watch the YouTube version below!

    martes- Watch the Sr. Jordan video "SER + descriptions & characteristics" below or do the activity on EdPuzzle-it's very important to take notes! Print or draw another verb house and chart the verb SER. (Remember: you can use notes on the tests! The more notes, the easier the test!)

    miércoles- Do Nugget 1 of "Guapo" on Sr. Wooly- do Quizlet "Week 3- Ser with Adjectives & Family" Any of the Sr. Wooly activities that you do are for fun and to help you learn the content.  They are for a grade if completed by the due date, but are EXCUSED, if completed late or not at all.  

    jueves- Do Nugget 1 of "La Confesión de Victor" on Sr. Wooly- do Quizlet "Week 3- Ser with Adjectives & Family"

    viernes- Do Nugget 1 of "Feo" on Sr. Wooly. -Spanish Class LIVE Games at 2:00 pm on TEAMS

    lunes- Week 3 Assessment (know Ser with Adjective vocab. and be able to make adjectives agree in # & gender)


    For Extra SER practice, do Boom Cards! click here: SER Boom Cards Review.

  • This video does not have sound, unless you watch it on EdPuzzle here.

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