Welcome to Spanish 1!

  • This is a year-long course intended to give 7th & 8th graders a strong base of basic Spanish knowlege including vocabulary, grammar used for speaking, reading, writing and comprehension of spoken Spanish. This first year high school course will prepare student for high school level Spanish 2 taken at Montford or wherever they go for High School.

    Spanish 1 Supplies:
    1- 3 pronged folder with pockets (I prefer the plastic variety for durability)
    1- 3 Subject Spiral notebook with plastic cover and pockets
    pencil pouch with pencils and erasers
    colored pencils & highlighters (optional) I have some!!
    All Spanish students will set up accounts for regular use at school and at home:
    www.senorwooly.com- 1st Period Class Code: CMPBGJ
                                           2nd Period Class Code: FUSJMM
                                           6th Period Class Code: XCNSG8
    www.quizlet.com- set up your account
                                           Username: Last name first initial (& a number if needed) WRITE IT DOWN
                                           Password: make it something you know and WRITE IT DOWN
    Request to join my class by searching with the magnifying glass for "holguink" (all lower case). Then, request to join your class period.
    For occasional text message reminders, text your class code below to number 81010. If you have trouble with 81010, try texting your class code to (469) 251-1034.
                                           1st Period Class Code: @863eaf378h or click here: 1st Period ONLY
                                           2nd Period Class Code: @ghd7fchgag or click here: 2nd Period ONLY
                                           6th Period Class Code: @ghe6438e3f or click here: 6th Period ONLY
    See the syllabus for a description of each website above.
Beginning Spanish