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    Good Morning!  Just a reminder that April 22 is EARTH DAY and an excellent opportunity for you, as S.W.A.T. club members, to convey the message that cigarette butts pollute. One way we can work together to do this is to go out and clean up in our neighborhoods.  Go for a walk in your neighborhood. Take with you 2 grocery bags (make sure they don't have holes) or a bag and a glove, and pick up trash in your neighborhood.  If you don't have gloves, put your hand inside a grocery bag to protect it while you pick up trash, and don't forget to wash your hands well when you get back home.  Throw the trash away outside your house.  Take a selfie of you in action and send it to me! Get permission from your parent first and don't take risks!


    Let’s talk land and water.

    imagesCigarette butts also pollute our land and water. In fact, those nasty little butts are the most littered item in the world with an estimated 845,000 tons of butts disposed of each year across the globe. Plus, ciggy butts never fully decompose and when they flow into our lakes, streams and rivers, they can harm animals, pets and marine life who mistake them for food



    Also, for more details on the impacts of Cigarettes Butts on the Earth please visit American Smokers’ Rights Foundation - https://no-smoke.org/tag/litter/



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