• I have planned 6 E-Learning Lessons to get us to the end of the year or until we return to school.  Follow each week's lessons in sequence.

    1. Watch powerpoints and take notes

    2. Practice by watching videos and answering questions on EdPuzzle and completing Boom Cards (follow the link below to set up your own account).

    3. Do 1 Quizlet LEARN section/week for completion credit as an assignment.

    4. Take Quizzes for assessment credit on Forms. 


    Lessons will be posted on TEAMS and on my school website.

    You will need to complete each Quizlet Learn, Assessments, and 2 Projects to complete the quarter.  The additional activities are for enrichment and will be helpful in preparing you for each assessment and for the next level of Foreign Language.

    Beginning Spanish Lesson Outline- 

    Week 1- Family, Number to 100 (review family & numbers to 39) & TENER

    Week 2- Family & Possessive Adjectives (My, your, his, her, our, their)

    Week 3- Family & Ser Review- Descriptive Adjectives to describe people

    Week 4- Me Gusta with Nouns

    Week 5- ¿Que te gusta hacer? Gustar with verbs

    Week 6- ¿Quién Soy? PowerPoint project


    Do not panic or stress about this! If you have questions, need help or need extra time, I'm here and we can work things out!  Please complete at minimum all of the Quizlet Learn sets and the Assessments. 

    View assignments on FOCUS.  All assignments with an "X" will not count against you if left incomplete, but can be helpful in preparing for TEST.  When completed, you will earn completion credit for these.  Some assignments allow you to upload. If an upload option is not available, then I probably can view your progress on a website, if you have an account.  With accounts, I am able to view your progress on Quizlet, SenorWooly nuggets, Boom and EdPuzzle.  

    For help and instructions for setting up accounts on websites used in this class, click here