• When you are ready, here's your Week 2 Assessment on Possessives with Family and Tener. You may use notes, and please follow all directions carefully. This is due by midnight on Monday, April 27, but if you finish sooner, you can start working on Week 3. Only 4 lessons left.
  • Week 2 Spanish Lesson- Negative Tú Commands & Pronoun Placement:


    1. Watch Week 2 Video from Sra. Holguin
    2. Take Week 1 Assessment Numbers 0-100, if you haven't yet.*
    3. Watch Los Adjetivos Posesivos on EdPuzzle.** Be prepared to take Notes & answer ?'s- Download the Note-taking tool below.***

    *Complete the week 1 Assessment before moving on to week 2. You should know numbers in Spanish to 100 for this Test. You may use notes on assessments.

    **In order to earn credit for EdPuzzle activities, you must have an account, use the link above to access the file and complete the activity on EdPuzzle by the due date of Tuesday, April 21 at 11:59 p.m.  These activities are for enrichment and are NOT required.  If you are not interested in credit and do not want an account, watch the video below. If you can't print the note sheet, you'll still want to take some notes to use when you take the assessment. 

    ***The Video Note-taking Guide below is NOT for a grade, so do NOT submit it to FOCUS nor email it back to me.  I do NOT need it back, but YOU can and should use this when taking your assessment.  It will be helpful!


    • watch Sr. Jordan's "Present Tense of Tener" video and chart Tener.  Draw your own verb house. Don't submit it to me, but use it when you take the assessment.
    • Do Tener Boom Cards. To play without an account, go here, click FAST PLAY and enter dgvz. Credit if complete by Thursday at noon.

    Chart Tener



    • watch Sr. Wooly "No lo Tengo" and do nugget 1- credit if complete by Friday at noon
    • finish up your Family Tree- due Friday