• Week 3- Los Pasatiempos & Future with Ir + a + infinitive

    Week 3 Assessment due by the end of the day Monday, May 4.

    lunes- Write Los Pasatiempos Vocab. 2x each, copy the notes on Ir + a + Infinitive & do a practice Bell Work assignment. Everything is on this page below. Do not submit it to me. Keep it to study and use on your assessment.

    martes- Watch the videos on Ir + a + infinitive below- Add examples to your notes.

    miércoles- Do Week 3 Quizlet

    jueves- Do Nugget 1-2 of "No Voy a Levantarme" on Sr. Wooly

    viernes- Spanish Class LIVE Games at 11:00 am on TEAMS calendar

    lunes- Week 3 Assessments, Start week 4