• Sr. Wooly:
    Go to www.senorwooly.com
    Follow instructions to SIGN UP.  There are 2 WILLIAM J. MONTFORD III MIDDLE SCHOOLs (OURS is the one in ALL CAPS)
    When it asks for a class code copy and paste the code below that corresponds with your class period.  These codes are temporary, so let your teacher know if your class code has expired.  Do NOT set up a new account, if you already have one.  If you forget your password, email Mrs. Holguin and she will reset a new code and let you know what it is, then you can change it, as desired.
    1st Period Class Code: XHQ7TQ
    2nd Period Class Code: BUJSQN
    3rd Period Class Code: T2MW9K
    5th Period Class Code: MKFKRQ
    6th Period Class Code: 6RWGU7