Recovery and remediation

  • Remediation

    Students score in the school's bottom 25% according to FSA data are enrolled in remedial courses of instruction in addition to their regular core courses. The Intensive Reading and Intensive Math courses are required by district and state policy and will replace an elective  in each student's schedule.



    In order to be promoted to high school, students must pass all three years of their core classes. To pass a core class, you must earn 4 quality points with one point being earned in the third or fourth nine weeks. If a student fails any nine weeks in their core classes, their teacher provides them with a recovery assignment and a deadline. Once the recovery assginment is completed, the previously earned "F" will be changed to a "D". This provides an opportunity for the student to earn back the quality point they missed and get back on track to pass a class. 


    If a student fails only one course, they are promoted and the failed course will take place of an elective the following year. If a student fails two courses, the student is retained and repeats the entire grade level again.