High School Credit Courses

  • Leon County Schools provides opportunities for qualified middle school students to enroll in high school credit courses. These courses begin the sequence of college preparatory coursework and count toward high school graduation credits. Montford offers high school credit courses in Algbera I, Algebra I Honors, Geometry Honors, Earth Space Honors, Biology Honors, Spanish 1 and 2, Music Theatre 1 and 2, and 3D Art. 

    To qualify for Algebra I or Algebra I Honors, students will take a prognosis test at the end of the year in their mathematics class. That score will determine their eligiblity for Algebra I or Algebra I Honors, which also opens up the door to take Earth Space Honors (you must take Algebra I Honors in order to take Earth Space Honors). Students will also take a prognosis test in the Spring semester to determine their eligiblity for Spanish 1. Their prognosis test along with a recommendation from their Language Arts teacher determines their eligiblity. Music Theatre and 3D Art have application processes with each of the respective classroom teachers. 

    There is a mandatory Parent Information Night in the Spring semester for any student considering enrolling in Algebra I, Algebra I Honors, Earth Space Honors, or Spanish 1. The date and time will be communicated on our listserv and website. 


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