Yearbook Teacher

Yearbook Information

  • The Yearbook Elective at MMS is a unique class which provides instruction for students in a variety of areas of publication including journalistic writing, photography, digital design, and marketing. Students are responsible for every element of the creation of the school’s yearbook, from initial theme development to design to marketing and distribution.


    Students interested in applying for the elective must be willing to meet the following criteria:

           --Make the Yearbook Elective a priority

            --Work as a team to complete all sections of the yearbook

            --Behave maturely and independently 

            --Work outside of class (before/after school and at home) when needed

            --Be responsible for completing assignments on time

            --Meet deadlines

            --Write articles and captions

            --Take photographs

            --Interview students, administrators, and faculty and staff members for stories

            --Develop and follow through on marketing ideas for the yearbook and 8th grade ads


    In order to be considered as a candidate for the Yearbook Elective, application materials to be completed include:

            --Student information form with signatures

            --Writing sample and caption activity


    Due to its popularity, the Yearbook Elective requires the completion and timely submission of an application form. When appropriate, the application process (form availability and deadline) will be announced on the MMS morning news and on Listserv, providing students with ample time to complete the application tasks.


    If you have any questions about the Montford Yearbook Elective, please contact adviser Brandon Young.