Drama Teacher

Drama Courses

  • Drama I

    Our drama program is open to any interested 7th grader with no prior experience needed. We will work on team building, self expression, skits and monologues, improvisation, theatrical terms and theater history. This semester course is designed for those with a desire for stage performance. Come join the Montford Drama class and see how far you can go!

    Drama II 

    Drama II is open to all students that have completed Drama I. We work at an advanced pace and further the skills that are taught in Drama I. 

Music Theatre

  • This is a high school credit elective focusing upon all aspects of music theatre production, including singing, set design, costume creation, action, direction, and cultivating an appreciation for the art of music theatre.  This class is a combination of Advanced Chorus and Drama. Requires an application with an audition.  A fee will be required.