Required Materials: Monday 16 August, all AG students must provide:

    • lined composition book (NO SPIRALS!).
      • This “LogBook” will be used to record daily TaskLists, design projects, take and keep notes, and record garden observations.  It is crucial to success in my class.
      • LogBooks remain in our classroom for open note LogBook and pop quizzes that count as assessment grades.  They may be checked out when reviewing for major tests.
    • A pencil, everyday😊
    • A pocket folder to go in core subject binders to put forms for signatures, flyers, etc…

    Suggested Materialsitems students might appreciate keeping in their classroom cubbies.  Must be kept in a 1 GAL FREEZER BAG (except shoes), and each item must be labelled with the student's name in permanent ink!

    • gardening gloves
    • a sun-hat, water bottle (sun-screen? bug-repellent? some days they will be outside 45 minutes)
    • garden Crocs or rubber slip-on shoes that will dry quickly (we don’t have room for boots!)

    Requested Materialsthe following is a Wish List of items sought for this year’s Agriculture classroom and gardening activities.  They need NOT be new items: donations of used items (in good working condition) are encouraged, as well as shopping for the items at thrift stores and garage sales.  Each student in our class is encouraged to bring at least ONE of the following items...


    2021 Wish List Items:

    (4-6) large wooden cutting boards (12" x 18" or larger)

    (10) black granite "look" cutting boards 12' x 18' Walmart

    large, strong-handled wicker baskets for gathering produce

    5 gallon buckets

    1-2 new wheel barrows

    metal garden rakes (not leaf rakes!)

    round point shovels

    loppers, snippers, and pruning saws

    12 new sponges for our sinks

    pint canning jars (1/2 pints and some quarts welcome too)

    BLACK (preferred) or green, or blue milk crates (our new garden seating plan)

    BLACK (or dark blue, dark brown, dark green...) wash cloths and hand towels

    Fall vegetable seedlings (once we have our garden bed re-established): Fall Vegetable Seedling Drive 

    Fall annuals and perrinials (butterfly and nectar flowers): Fall Nectar Garden Drive


    LCS Volunteer Form : you must fill out this form prior to volunteering on campus.

    Volunteer Requests (please email Ms. Fain if this is your specialty and you have time!):

    Sign-Up Genius Manager

    Garden Volunteers

    Construction Volunteers

    Culinary Volunteers (we will begin canning pears the first full week of school!)

    Media Volunteer (to help us learn how to create videos/photos and spaces to share our activites)