• Required Materialsall students must provide:

    • a lined composition book (NO SPIRALS!).  This “LogBook” will be used to record daily TaskLists, design projects, and take notes.  Logbooks remain in the classroom for open note LogBook and pop quizzes that count as assessment grades each nine weeks. They can be taken home at the end of the year.
    • a pocket folder to keep in students' binders for take-home assignments, announcements, permission forms, homework...
    • 2 (TWO) size H or (5mm) crochet hooks and 1 (ONE) skein of 100% cotton, worsted (kitchen) weight yarn. We will be learning to crochet, a vertical integration of fiber product agriculture, and students will need a crochet hook at school AND one to keep at home for practice and project extensions.
    • a pencil, every day:)

    Suggested Materialsadditional materials students have appreciated keeping in the classroom in their assigned cubbies include:

    • sun-hat and sun-shirt
    • sun-screen and bug-repellent
    • garden Crocs or rubber slip-on shoes that will dry quickly (we don’t have room for boots!)
    • gardening gloves
    • water bottlle
    • apron

     All items should be labelled with student’s name in permanent ink.

     Requested Materials: the following is a Wish List of items sought for this year’s Simple Living classroom and gardening activities.  They need NOT be new items: donations of used items (in good working condition) are encouraged, as well as shopping for the items at thrift stores and garage sales.  Each student in our class is expected to bring at least ONE of the following items (ignore numbers)...

    2019 Wish List Items:

    large wooden cutting boards

    large, strong-handled wicker baskets for gathering produce

    metal garden rakes (not leaf rakes!)

    fall annuals and perrinials (butterfly and nectar flowers): Fall Nectar Garden Drive

    fall vegetable seedlings: Fall Vegetable Seedling Drive