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     The musical rehearsals will be on the following dates if you would like to participate in the Spring Musical on March 4-5th.  Please make sure to check your schedule before auditioning.  We will decide what rehearsalsl are for what scenes and cast members after I see your availability. If you  do not put down your absences before casting the show, please know you might not  continue in that role if not at the designated rehearsals.

     I SO EXCITED to do this one!  It is going to be so much fun in the jungle!!!


    October 14-17 2019 tryouts in class

    11/19 Tuesday 4-6- ALL, team building, meet the cast and big dance number

    12/5 Thursday 4-6- ALL dance numbers

    12/13 Friday 4-6- ALL dance

    1/16 Thursday 4-6- 

    1/24- Friday 4-6 TBA

    1/25-Saturday 12-4

    1/27 Monday 4-6 ALL

    2/3 Monday 4-6 -ALL

    2/7 Friday 4-6 ALL

    2/8 Saturday 11-4

    2/10 Monday 4-6 TBA

    2/13-Thursday 4-6

    2/21- Friday 4-6

    2/22 Saturday 12-4TBA

    2/28 Friday  4-6 ALL

    2/29 Saturday 12-4 - ALL

    3/2 10 AM for elementary performance

    3/2 6PM for parents/friends/family

    3/3 10AM for elementary

    3/3 6PM for parents/friends/family

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