• 8/21 Lessons Plans 

    1) Go to the following link 


    2) Answer each slide's questions from the webpage on your worksheet. Only first video from slide one will be played over the classroom computer. 

    3) Any slides you do not complete today will be due next Wednesday (8/28). 


    3rd and 4th period ONLY

    Directions: Define the words on a sheet of your own paper that you do not already know and illustrate all of them

    • Civics
    • Government
    • Citizen
    • Natural-born citizen
    • Immigrant
    • Alien
    • Resident
    • Refugee
    • Naturalization
    • Law of Blood
    • Law of soil
    • Draft
    • Selective Service
    • Jury duty
    • Common good
    • Obligation/duty
    • Responsibility


    19-20 Scavenger Hunt

    Directions:          Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper by using the class website.

    Purpose:              You should be able to easily find documents, due dates, homework and contact information on the class website. It is a helpful tool to your success.

    1. How many points are the 5 hours of service learning worth for the 1st 9 weeks SL project?

    2. When is the 1st 9 weeks SL project due?

    3. What are the 4 duties of US citizens, found in Unit 1?

    4. What are the 3 ways an individual can become a citizen, found in Unit 1?

    5. What is my email address?

    6. List the 4 films approved to be watched this year.

    7. What percentage does the Civics End of Course (EOC) exam makeup of your overall grade?

    8. When are your 4x4 sources due?

    9. What is the theme to this year’s History Fair?

    10. When are your 7x7 sources due?

     Extra credit:

    Answer as many of the questions found on the “Citizenship Test: What Kind if Citizen are You?” in Unit 1