• Dear Parents/Guardians/Caregivers,

    This year in your student's speech/language therapy sessions we will work on their individual IEP goals.  Students are scheduled throughout the week to meet the number of minutes designated on their IEP.  Rest assured your student will not miss any of their core class time.  They are scheduled during non-core classes to ensure they do not miss valuable class instruction in order to improve their communication skills.

    Throughout the year I will be in communication with you regarding your student's progress.  It could be any of the following:

    • Positivity and consistency are key so if your student makes a huge gain or does an extraordinary act of kindness I will let you know!
    • At the end of each nine weeks I will send a progress note with your student's report card.
    • Yearly at your student's IEP conference review.
    • At the time your student is due for a 3 year re-evaluation.
    • If your student will turn 12 during the school year we will discuss a transition plan about what they hope to do after high school graduation.
    • When your child is ready for consideration of graduating from the Speech and/or Language Impaired Program.
    • If your student displays behavioral issues that are not something simply remedied in the classroom.
    • Beginning late September/early October I will post a monthly calendar with suggested activities your student can do at home.

    It is my honor to work with your student to enhance their academic and social communication skills!

    Utilize my work email - mccallj2@leonschools.net if you have questions and/or concerns throughout the year.  

    It is not how big our steps are just that our steps

    are moving in the right direction!

     Joanne M. McCall, MA, CCC-SLP