• A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

    Mrs. Vigue’s science class used to meet

    Now they hide in dining rooms and bedrooms, logging on and continuing to learn.

    Missing their spiral notebooks, their lockers, and their friends

    talking to a screen and “chatting” with their keyboards.

    Will they triumph, complete their assignments and head off to high school?


    For my class, we will be utilizing:

    • My class website-Assignment tab shows weekly work and meetings, HELP! tab
    • Remind-quick messages
    • Microsoft Teams-links to meetings, assignments and quizzes and turning in work
    • Pearson-in Classlink, science textbook

    To access Microsoft Teams

    • The Teams app can be accessed through Office 365 via Classlink.
    • Your email is yourstudentid@edu.leonschools.net
    • Your password is the same one you use on school computers.
    • You can also download stand-alone apps for computers and phones, so you don't have to go through Classlink every time!

    Communication/Channels in TEAMS

    • General Channel - This is where all assignments and weekly updates will be posted
    • Chat Channels – These channels will be where assigned groups will “chat” on a topic for weekly extra credit J
    • Questions and Comments for the Teacher Channel - Use this channel to communicate with me. This will be visible to everyone else in the class but I am the only person who should be answering questions on this channel.
    • My designated Office Hours are 10am-12pm and 3-4 pm. You may reach me outside that time, but this is when I will be available for immediate response.
    • Wednesday will be “live meeting” day. You may join the meeting to ask questions, see explanations of weekly work, and “pretend” we are in class J