Mrs.  Kelly Emerson



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Kelly Emerson


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my class. I look forward to working with you and your student this year. Below you will find a brief description of myself as well as an explanation of my classroom policies and procedures.

I grew up in Michigan, where my mother and siblings still live. If you travel west for about an hour from the capital city and you will stumble upon the campus of Grand Valley State University, my alma mater. There I became a member of the school of education and received my bachelor’s degree in group science with an emphasis in geology and a minor in elementary education. In 2014 my family moved to Tallahassee from Saint Petersburg, Florida where I had been teaching 7th grade science for 14 years.


Behavior Expectations

In addition to the rules listed in the student handbook:

Our classroom has three basic rules:

  1. Be Respectful:
    -To people
    -To school and personal property

    2. Be Responsible:
       -For your work
       -For your actions

    3. Be Safe
       -By following lab safety rules

   -By behaving in a way that does not threaten     

     the safety of others or yourself

   -NO GUM

Discipline Steps

Students breaking any classroom or school rules will receive one or more of the following consequences depending on the severity and occurrence of the infraction. Students needing weekly behavior intervention will receive a lower citizenship grade.

  • Verbal warning (4)
  • Student/Teacher conference (3)
  • Parent contact (2)
  • Written referral to administration (1)


Grading System

All assignments are awarded points based on complexity and role in the learning process. Once entered into the grading program, the points are weighted as followed:

Advanced & General Class

  • Assessments (test/quizzes/project) =70%
  • Classwork, Homework & Minor labs =30%
  • Gifted Class

    • Assessments (test/quizzes/project) =80%
    • Classwork, Homework & Minor labs =20%



The following are items your student will be expected to have with them each day:

  • Pencils (pencil only)
  • 100+ page notebook with pocket (with a plastic cover is recommended)
  • Agenda
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Glue stick
  • Folder
  • Red pen

The following are recommended for home until needed in class. Student will be given warning before the items are needed in class.

  • Ruler with metric measurement
  • Colored pencil/crayons



Homework will be assigned on Mondays and will be due on Thursday. These assignments will be extended response writings based on the topics covered in class. These questions will be given out at the beginning of the week and due that same Thursday. Answers must be restated in order to receive credit for the question.

Homework for the weekend will be for students to refill their supplies and study the vocabulary words given in class. See vocabulary quiz information below.



Late & Incomplete Assignments

A late assignment may be turned in up to two days late for a reduced grade. Questions not written in complete sentences are considered incomplete and will not be scored.

*Note- Using the student agenda and homework calendar can help avoid late and missing assignments.


Absent Work

The daily agenda will be posted in class and on my website. (Website Coming Soon) Students are responsible for collecting their work from the days they were absent. This includes worksheets and work completed in class. Students with excused absences will have a reasonable amount of time to turn in their assignments. Assignments given before an absence are expected upon the return to class.


Classroom Website

The class website is updated regularly after September 4th. Useful information found here includes but it is not limited to:

  • Weekly agenda
  • Homework
  • Worksheets
  • Vocabulary words

The website is a courtesy and should be used as a back up to the student agenda. If there is a discrepancy students should follow directions given in class.