• Policies and Procedures for 6th Grade Advanced & Gifted Math

    Mrs. Taylor, Montford Middle School

    Welcome to Montford Middle School.  It is an honor and privilege to be working with you this year.  It is my goal to provide a safe, positive, academic environment that fosters a love of learning.  Get ready to be empowered with the tools necessary to be successful not only in math, but in the real world.  It is my strong belief that parent/teacher communication is at the heart of student success!  The most effective method of communicating with me is through email.  My email address is taylorw@leonschools.net.  Please check my class website for updates on assignments, classroom information, and due dates. Check Pinpoint weekly to view your child’s grades.  If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s education, you may reach me at 922-6011, ext. 2519. 

    Classroom Guidelines:
    Students are expected to follow the school rules in addition to the following:

    ·         Raise your hands before you speak.

    ·         Respect others and their property.

    ·         Follow directions.

    ·         Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

    Discipline/Classroom Interventions:
    Misbehavior will be dealt with as follows:

    1.      Warning:

    This warning will be directly communicated to the student in a way that does not embarrass him/her nor draw other student’s attention to the inappropriate behavior.  It might be a verbal or non-verbal signal or phrase.  The student will be aware when he/she has been warned.

    2.      Student/Teacher conference: 

    The student and I will have a private verbal exchange.  It is my hope that this conference will assist students in redirecting their behavior.

    3.      Change in Citizenship Grade:

    Citizenship grades (4, 3, 2, 1) could drop if the student cannot redirect their behavior. Citizenship grade is posted on PinPoint as the first ungraded assignment. Every child starts out with a 4 in citizenship in my class.

    4.      Parent contact/ Conferences: 

    Parents may be contacted at any time in the discipline process. This may be done by phone, email, or a note in the student’s planner. Since it is in your child’s best interest that we work together in regard to your child’s education, I will be in close contact with you should the need arise.

    5.      Disciplinary Referral to the Administration: 

    If the above interventions fail to redirect the student’s misbehavior during a class period, the student will be sent to the office with a Disciplinary Referral. All previous interventions will be documented on the referral.  It is my goal to deal with inappropriate behavior in the classroom, and not write referrals.  Thus, when one is written, it is serious.
    Any extreme disruptions (fighting, swearing, direct insubordination, etc.) will receive immediate action, in accordance with the Montford Discipline Plan.

    Citizenship Expectations and Grading Policy: 

     I believe that citizenship is a vital part of the educational experience.  Outlined below are the specific behaviors expected of students.

    A student who earns a 4 (Outstanding) as a citizenship grade consistently exhibits all or most of the following behaviors in and out of class:

    • Sets an example for peers by coming to class prepared to work with a good attitude and necessary materials
    • Uses agenda book effectively for daily and long-term planning
    • Works to foster a sense of community by respecting all viewpoints
    • Volunteers to assist teachers and classmates

    A student who earns a 3 (Satisfactory) as a citizenship grade exhibits all or most of the following behaviors in and out of class:

    • Demonstrates responsibility by coming to class prepared with class materials
    • Uses agenda book effectively for daily planning
    • Maintains a good attitude and helps classmates when asked by the teacher
    • Respects and cooperates with others during small-group activities.

    A student who earns a 2 (Needs Improvement) as a citizenship grade exhibits all or most of the following behaviors in and out of class:

    • Comes to class unprepared on occasion
    • Does not use agenda book on a daily basis
    • Shows little motivation completing assignments
    • Shows disrespect to teacher and classmates at times throughout the grading period
    • Disrupts class occasionally and interrupts the learning of others

    A student who earns a 1 (Unsatisfactory) as a citizenship grade exhibits all or most of the following behaviors in and out of class:

    • Comes to class unprepared frequently
    • Does not use agenda book on a daily basis
    • Shows disrespect to teacher and classmates
    • Demonstrates dishonesty by submitting plagiarized assignments
    • Disrupts class regularly and interrupts the learning of others


    Students’ grades are calculated using the following weights:

    70% Test Average:

    Test grades are based on percentage correct and may include quizzes, module/unit tests, projects, vocabulary tests, and open notebook tests.

    30% Classwork/Homework Average:

    This includes coming to class prepared, class participation, planner checks, and completing assignments to the child’s best ability.

    GRADING SCALE:  A=90-100%; B=80-89%; C=70-79%; D=60-69%; F=below 60%


    Homework is usually given every night.   It is checked and corrected at the beginning of class on the following day.  If a student does not have their homework for any reason except absence, they receive a zero.  In the case of extenuating circumstances, see the teacher. 

     Make-up Work: 

    It is the student's responsibility to check the class website for the missed assignment(s) and ask the teacher for more instructions if needed.

    Textbook/ Supplementary Materials: 

    We will be using the Florida Go Math Advanced edition in class. Students will not need a textbook to complete assignments outside of class.  The entire textbook is online, and I will use handouts for most assignments.

    Late Work:  All work is expected to be turned in ON TIME!  However, if an exception is made, it would be accepted only ONE day late, and for half-credit.  Remember, ½ of 100% is 50%, so the most a student could earn with late homework is 50%.  No work will be accepted more than ONE DAY LATE, except in cases of excused absence from school.


    Students are required to keep a notebook for this class (a 1 or 1 ½ -inch, 3-ring binder). They are to bring it to class every day.  It should contain dividers labeled:  Foldables, Daily, Homework, Tests/Quizzes, and Vocabulary.  Foldables, Vocabulary and Tests/Quizzes should remain in the binder the entire year.  Other sections may be removed and kept at home upon receiving the report card for the nine-weeks.


    All students at Montford will be provided with one free planner.  If it is lost, they must pay $5.00 to replace it.  Planners will be used DAILY to record all assignments.  Assignments are posted on the board and all students are required to write them in their planners.  At any time you should be able to view your child’s planner to see what type of assignments the class has been given.  Planners will be checked at random, and grades for planner completion will be given under the homework category.

    Online Grades:

    All Montford teachers post student grades online.  Students and parents are encouraged to visit the Pinpoint online grades website and check grades often, as I update them as often as possible.  This is an excellent way to avoid negative surprises and keep on top of your child’s progress.