• These are just a few of the many helpful resources that can be found online. Make sure you take some time throughout the year to use these resources! 
    First, there is ClassLink. Through ClassLink you can find access to both math AND science curriculum (online textbooks for both classes, and additional resources).  
    *Username: 9-digit student ID number@edu.leonschools.net Password: (student 5-digit lunch PIN)
    If for whatever reason your child "forgets" their 9-digit student ID number, please feel free to email me and I can send it to you.
    Quizlet is a great study source for ALL science vocabulary. We don't always have vocabulary quizzes, but it is very important to know and understand the terminology we use on a daily basis in class.
    -Quizlet - Science Vocabulary
    *Create username and password
    *Follow this link to my page and join!... Mr. Cottingham's 5th Grade Math/Science
    *If for whatever reason that doesn't work, search "Mr. Cottingham's 5th grade Math/Science" - then request to join the class! (you may need to click "classes" in the drop down menu to the right to find my class easier)
Last Modified on November 2, 2023